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The English classes of 12th E and F with their teacher Mrs. Manuela Grazina, went on a field mission around downtown Olhão in order to gather information, speak to travellers and improve their language skills.
Beforehand, the students prepared in the classroom small quizzes each in their group to ask travellers questions of general knowledge related to topics studied in the English subject. There were a total of 7 groups, each with their individual quiz to apply.
The action occurred on Thursday the 17th of May. The students and the teacher met at the school gate at around 13.30 pm and started heading southwards.
Arriving to Avenida Bernardino da Silva in the centre of town the class waited some more minutes for some students who needed to go to the pharmacy. Whilst waiting, the cheerful class sang and talked together showing how two classes can be one. Once everyone got to the meeting point it was “go time”.
Arriving downtown the students got “hands-on” work. Some foreigners were receptive and some even went along with jokes. Others on the contrary didn’t want to speak and turned away. The endurance shown by these classes gave them the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant afternoon, in a different environment other than the classroom. The results were a series of funny interviews with correct answers and hilarious ones.

At 3 pm it was time to reunite to check results and to take a group picture and that is what happened. Some sat in the café for an ice cream and others talked about their experiences, especially the funny ones. At 3.30 pm we bade goodbye and went our separate ways all with a smile worthy of the effort.

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